North East

Guwahati (250 km / 5hrs from Kaziranga )
The gateway to the North-Eastern States Guwahati has been mentioned in Kalika puran and Mahahbharata and identified as 'Pragjyotispura' meaning the 'light of the East. Visit Kamakhya temple, Basistha Ashram, Kalakhetra, Umanda temple, State Zoo.
Kaziranga ( 325km / 7hrs Shillong and 250 Km Guwahati )
Kaziranga National Park is spread over an area of 430 sq. kms consisting of dense forest, rugged reeds, marshes and shallow pools. Elephant grass grows up to a few meters making it an ideal grazing ground for the famed One Horned Rhinoceros.
Shillong (145km / 4hrs from Guwahati )
On arrival at the Guwahati proceed to Shillong,which is bestowed with Its picturesque setting and salubrious climate, visit Ward's Lake, Lady Hyedri Park, St. Cathedral Church. Explore the local market for shopping
(Please note Markets are closed on Sunday).
Cherrapunjee (60Km/ 2Hr from Shillong)
Sohra is the original Khasi name for Cherrapunjee. This place is one of the rainiest rain-belts in the world. A pleasant drive to see roaring waterfalls leaping into deep gorges, including the famed Nohsngithiang Falls and Elephant Falls. Visit the limestone caves ,Centre of Khasi culture and Ramakrishna Mission.Don't forget to taste the orange honey.
Nameri (90 Km/ 2.5 hrs from Kaziranga ) Take a boat ride from embankment point and come down by boat on the snow-fed Himalayan river (rubber dinghies oared by expert tribal boatmen). This is not a rafting activity, but something that is rather unique to the Jia Bhorelli River, bump down the gently flowing crystal clear waters of the river with the snow clad peaks of Arunachal looming over the dense Nameri jungles to your left.
Dirang (170 Km/ 6 hrs from Nameri) Visit Dirang monastery, and Sangti Valley. Situated along the shores of Sangti River, a seasonal home for majestic bird called the black-necked crane later enjoy the mountain streams and waterfalls. The hot water springs in Dirang is considered holy by many who travel to them for a dip. Dirang is ideal place for adventures like trekking and hiking
Sela Pass
Sela Pass (14,000 ft.) is en route to Tawang from Dirang is a fascinating drive to Sela Pass which is covered with snow for most of the year .Spectacular views with bewitching snow clad peaks towering above us, waterfalls (some frozen) at every corner and a gushing Nuranang river accompanying you all the way.
Tawang (130 Km/ 5 hrs from Dirang) Today drive high above town to the high altitude lakes of Pangong Tang Tso , this is an extremely scenic drive with birdís eye view of the township below. Visit the famous Tawang Monastery. The 300 year old Monastery, locally called "Gompa" is considered to be the oldest in India and second largest Monastery in Asia after Lhasa in Tibet.
Bomdila is situated at an altitude of over 8500 feet in the north eastern state of in Arunachal Pradesh in India. Hooked in the amongst the mighty mountainous ranges of Himalaya, Bomdila in Arunachal Pradesh is a mini paradise, with its apple orchards, Buddhist gomphas and a magnificient view of the Kameng Valley. There are also some scenic views of Himalayan landscapes and snow wrapped mountains. Bomdila is an ideal place for trekking & hiking and also an ideal getaway in summer.